Seven new school zone offences you need to know

The fines for these offences have increased by up to 200 per cent:

Join us in getting behind National Reconciliation Week

Together we can drive positive social change and the NRMA is committed to developing genuine, trusting relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within our organisation and beyond:

Make reconciliation part of your story and your future by getting involved in this year's National Reconciliation Week events:


Holiday in Asia and take a friend for free! Hurry, offer ends 30 June.

Tag someone you’d take along! ✈️👩👨

9 News Illawarra

We’re calling for urgent upgrades to three major roads in the Illawarra region:

NRMA Members save 30% off storewide at Repco

NRMA Members can enjoy 30% off virtually everything in store this weekend at Repco thanks to NRMA Blue. Simply show your Benefits card found in the or your physical Membership card. 🔧🚗

Experience Coffs Harbour like a local

TIP: South of Coffs in the tiny village of Valla, is The Beach House Providore - Valla Beach which has a menu of fresh local ingredients perfect for those stopping on a weekend trip:

NSW Police Force

BMW and Chrysler will be the new Highway Patrol vehicles in NSW. Thoughts?

Key projects to transform the Illawarra and Greater Sydney

We’re calling for urgent upgrades to three major roads in the Illawarra region:

Top 5 things to do in Sydney this June

There's a range of things to do this June: 📷

The best times to buy a car in Australia

The end of the financial year is approaching which means dealers are keen to hit their targets:

Discover the new NRMA Blue Membership program

NRMA Members now have access to discounts on fuel, car maintenance, insurance, transport, travel and accommodation, entertainment, experiences, and more:

The prices are the highest they’ve been in three and a half years with the average price of unleaded across Sydney increasing by 16.2 cents in the past week while the average price across regional NSW increasing by 1.5 cents.

We encourage all NRMA Members to use the new my nrma app to access real time fuel prices AND find the cheapest fuel in your area:

9 News Sydney

We teamed up with the NSW Centre for Road Safety to measure crash protection performance and ease of use of 13 popular models of child car seats.

And to help parents choose the safest seat for their child, new ratings of these seats have been released at:

The best way to see Sydney's humpback whales

From mid-May through to the end of November, humpback whales swim the 5000km journey to their breeding and calving grounds in the tropics:

Local’s guide: Melbourne, Victoria

Have dinner at “Australia’s best restaurant” or spend the wee hours in hidden laneway bars.

See Melbourne like a local:

Road trip: Sydney to Coffs Harbour

Stop 1: Pull in to the much loved refreshment stop Pie in the Sky. 🥧 🚗

I put petrol in a diesel engine! What should I do?

Uh oh. What now?

The all-new NRMA Blue Membership program

NRMA Blue is a new collection of offers and discounts on a range of products and services exclusive to NRMA Members.

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Local's guide: Vivid Sydney 2018

Vivid Sydney is on again, are you going?

Here's where to see the best lights:

NRMA Members can save up to 5c off per litre at Caltex

NRMA Members can now access exclusive savings at Caltex by showing your unique QR code in the new

Photos du journal

The average price of unleaded fuel across Sydney has fallen a further 6.2 cents per litre this past week while the average price across regional NSW has increased 0.4 cents per litre.

Download the new my nrma app to access real time fuel prices AND find the cheapest fuel in your area:

Your questions answered about NRMA Blue

Here's what you need to know about NRMA Blue, our new Membership program:

Claim your CTP Green Slip refund

Don't let your CTP Green Slip refund go unclaimed:

Set Sail to New Caledonia

Explore one of the most picturesque areas of the South Pacific or just hang by the pool instead:

Is it illegal to drive with headphones?

Know anyone that does this?

Orange and Mudgee weekend away

Best places to eat in Mudgee or Orange?

Would you consider purchasing an electric vehicle as your next car?

Car tyres: checking pressure and other tips

What's the correct tyre pressure for my vehicle, you ask?

Know someone that is just starting out on the road?

In a new partnership with Service NSW, NRMA Free2Go will now be available across all 82 Service NSW centres and online:

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Thanks for your interest in and answers to our Test Time earlier today.

TEST TIME ANSWER: Vehicle C would go first, vehicle A second, vehicle B third, and vehicle D last. Vehicles B and D are facing a give way sign; when a driver faces a give way sign at an intersection they must give way to all other vehicles entering or approaching the intersection. Vehicles B and D must give way to vehicles A and C. Vehicle A is travelling on the terminating road at a T-intersection (the continuing road marked with broken white lines goes around the corner);a driver travelling on the terminating road at a T-intersection must give way to all vehicles on the continuing road (except those performing a U-turn). Vehicle A must give way to vehicle C.

Know someone learning to drive? NRMA offers driving lessons for learners, seniors and businesses:

The best gifts for Mum this Mother's Day

Don't forget, Mother's Day is this Sunday. Not sure what to get Mum?

Here’s our list of gift ideas, with exclusive savings just for Members:

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TEST TIME: In what order do the vehicles go?

1. Vehicle C, B, A and then D
2. Vehicle C, A, B and then D
3. Vehicle B, A, C and then D

Just answer in the comments below. We will publish the correct answer in a separate post later today. Thanks.

Road trip: Perth to Broome in 7 days

Behold, the longest uninterrupted beach in Western Australia. See it as part of this 7 day adventure:

The average price of unleaded petrol across Sydney have fallen 6.3 cents per litre in the last week.

Don't forget to use the my nrma app to find the cheapest fuel stations in your area before you fill up:

NRMA Members to save up to 5 cents per litre at Caltex | The NRMA

From 14 May, 2.6 million Members can save up to five cents per litre at participating Caltex service stations via the my nrma app:

Roam freely with orangutans in Borneo

Borneo is one of two places on earth—Sumatra is the other—where endangered orangutans can still be viewed in the wild:

Experiences to treat your mum this Mother's Day

Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or have money to splurge, here are some ideas to spoil mum:

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What engine oil should you use? Read more:

Sydney to Perth: Australia's Unforgettable Road Trip

Who has done this one before? What vehicle did you do this trip in?

We'd love to hear your stories: 🚗🏃

Building an electric future

"The plan is to have more than 40 fast-charger sites – which will charge most vehicles to at least 80 per cent capacity in around 30 minutes"

Win a great Australian holiday

NRMA Member exclusive:

Here is your chance to win a journey of a lifetime. Enter our competition to win an incredible holiday aboard The Ghan Expedition, valued up to $11,100 for two people.*

Enter here:

Must-see movies this May

Did we miss any? 🍿🍿

The story behind Yellow Ribbon Week

The crash that sparked the yellow ribbon tradition is a sad and deeply personal story:


Thanks for your Membership, Edward. We really appreciate the shout out. And top work, Paul and Stuart! 📞 🛠️ #wekeepyoumoving

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TEST ANSWER: The correct answer is either lane A or B. You can turn into either lane, depending on traffic.

Know someone learning to drive? Learner drivers can take 20 hours off their learner logbook by completing a Safer Drivers Course:

Four signs you need a new car battery

We recommend that car owners start paying close attention to their batteries after three years of installation:

TIP: Most batteries have the date imprinted on them while some use an alphanumeric code. E.g. A2=January 2012

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TEST TIME: You are the blue car, which lane can you turn into from the intersection?

1. Lane A only
2. Lane B only
3. Either lane A or B

Just answer in the comments below. We will share the correct answer in a separate post later today.

Show your support for National Road Safety Week

If we raise awareness enough to save just one precious life, it will be worth it. #NRSW #DriveSOS 💛 🎗️

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Tuesday tip.

Remember you can search for the cheapest fuel in your area with the: