How to tell if a car's been thrashed

Start by checking the wheel arches:

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Sydney unleaded petrol average prices have fallen 10.5 cents per litre this past week but not all servos have dropped their prices.

Download the to find the cheapest fuel.

Sydney Animal Hospitals

A reminder to keep hold of your car keys, when big paws are involved🔑🔑

Thanks Sydney Animal Hospitals for sharing this story! Also, all you pet lovers out there, make sure you have :)

How to get your L's on the first attempt

First time, every time! 😄

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L and P platers to face new licensing changes

Attention L and P plate drivers:
From November 20, there’ll be changes to the tests you need to complete to progress your licence. Find out how these changes affect you:

NRMA Key tag return service

Lost keys? Your NRMA Membership can help 😄

The best places to visit in Europe | The NRMA

Greek island hopping, sailing the Norwegian fjords or getting lost in London's culture. Where's your favourite place in Europe? 🇬🇷 🇳🇴 🇬🇧

The best times to buy a car in Australia

A good deal has nothing to do with luck:

Melbourne to Adelaide roadtrip in 6 days

Up close and personal with the crashing waves of the Southern Ocean. Where are the best places to stop along the Great Ocean Road?

NRMA Travel Destinations - Explore India

Is it time for a holiday? Experience a colourful prism of ancient culture and impressive architecture in this South Asian country:

ASK NRMA: What sort of footwear should I drive in?

What are your go-to driving shoes?

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Our guide to the best of Osaka, Nara, Tokyo, Kyoto and much more. Paid a visit to Japan? Share your top tips:

How do I know if my fuel is contaminated?

If you ever get a bad batch of fuel, you'll be happy you kept the receipt:

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TEST ANSWER: The correct answer is (b). An unbroken yellow kerb line is a NO STOPPING line. You must not stop for any reason except a medical or similar emergency. Were you aware of this rule?

OUR PICK: Best used car for $5000

If you had $5,000 to spend on a car, what would you go for? Let us know ⬇️

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From buying , selling or maintenance advice on your vehicle, our experienced team can help:

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TEST TIME: A continous yellow edge line along the side of the road means:

A ) Parking for taxis only
B ) No stopping or parking at any time
C ) Vehicles may stop to drop off or pick up passengers
D ) Fire hydrant indicator

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Average unleaded Sydney prices have started to fall off the top of the price cycle and are expected to fall to $1.17 in the next 2 weeks.

Download the to find the cheapest fuel.

"I can park my hatchback in the loading zone, can't I?"

Cop a load of this:

NSW and ACT School Zones back today

Drivers caught speeding in school zones will cop $192 fine as a minimum. Keep our students safe by sticking to the 40km/h school zone speed limit:

Fuel 101: Choosing the right type for your car

What fuel powers your car?

Best places to visit in Tasmania

We've made our mind up, where are your top spots to visit?

Back to school: A checklist for parents

What are your back to school tips?

Best National Parks to visit in NSW

No weekend plans? National park entry fees are being waived at more than 45 parks across NSW all day Sunday 8 October 2017:

Get amongst the fun at Luna Park Sydney

NRMA Members save 20% off* unlimited ride passes at Luna Park Sydney everyday:

NRMA Travel Destinations - Discover Vietnam

Discover why Vietnam sits at the top of so many travel wish lists:

Travel Insurance: 5 things you didn't know

Five things you didn't know travel insurance covered you for:

Get out and get wild at Taronga Zoo

MEMBER OFFER: Save 15% off General Admission at Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo:

Bus Lanes Explained

When can you drive in the bus lane?

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TEST TIME ANSWER: In this scenario Vehicle B must give way to vehicle A.

A driver entering a road from a slip lane must give way to all vehicles (except those performing a U turn) on the road they are entering.

Did you get this one right?

Head to Event Cinemas and catch the latest blockbuster flicks

NRMA Members can grab a hot deal with child movie vouchers for $11*:

Old versus new comparison car crash test

Are safety ratings important to you? A new app from ANCAP now lets you compare safety ratings for both new and used cars:

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TEST TIME: Which vehicle must give way?

Vehicle B
Vehicle A

Just answer in the comments below. We will publish the correct answer in a separate post later today. Thanks.

Things to do in the Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands has some of the best scenic driving roads in NSW. Here are some places to stop on your road trip:

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Fuel prices in Sydney have jumped as we near the peak of the cycle.

Regular unleaded is expected to rise to $1.39 this week, however some servos are still under $1.20:


Not all heroes wear capes! Great work, Sebastian.

What to see and do in Orange and Mudgee

Heading up to Mount Panorama this week for the #Bathurst1000? You might want to add Orange and Mudgee to your weekend away:

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The consequences of not wearing a helmet, can be far greater than monetary and point penalties:

Best Australian camping spots

Australia boasts some of the top camping spots in the world, here are our favourites:

Tips for buying a family car

Leg room, safety, back seat air con? What do you look for in a family car?

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It's not worth it. Get your hand off it:

Get away to the Gold Coast with 7-Day unlimited entry 3-Park pass

Hit the Gold Coast theme parks for $80, plus get unlimited ride photos valued at $59.99:

Things to do in Deniliquin

Ever taken a trip to Deniliquin before?

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Seatbelts save lives. It's a simple as that. Make sure everyone is clipped in, before you hit the road:

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Lost points can quickly add up to a lost licence. Please watch your speed and stay safe this long weekend:

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What's your favourite song to drive along to?

Here's our (totally not definitive) best driving songs list:

Mobile phone use while supervising learners

Many parents are guilty of using phones while teaching learner drivers. But is it illegal?

Uncapped breakdown cover. No additional fees:

TEST ANSWER: The correct answer is 4).

Vehicle A must give way to vehicles B and C. Vehicle A is facing a give way sign; when a driver faces a give way sign at an intersection they must give way to all other vehicles entering or approaching the intersection.

Did you get this one right?