Best cruising deals in Australia

Here's another way to see our beautiful country:

Why are drivers ignoring warnings about mobile phone use?

In July 2017, we surveyed 1,000 of our Members around mobile phone use while driving. The results were alarming:

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Long weekend plans? Hit the open road and discover the Legendary Pacific Coast:

Double Demerits in place from Friday until Monday

We remind motorists that double demerits apply from 29 September to 2 October 2017 inclusive:

What kind of car insurance do I need?

Car insurance can be confusing, so it's important to know what you are covered for:

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While you can't control the price at the bowser, there are some things you can do to help:

Is it illegal to drive with headphones?

Do you often see people driving with headphones?

Car colour and crash risk

What colour is your car? Research shows the colour you drive in, can impact your risk of crashing:

NRMA Travel Destinations

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New driver training partnership provides stepping stone to work or study

Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the NSW regional towns of Wagga Wagga and Nowra will be helped to get their P1 licence thanks to a partnership between Australian Red Cross and the NRMA:

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Dear friends and followers, are you an electric vehicle owner or thinking that your next vehicle purchase could be an EV? If so, we’d love to speak to you to help with some exciting work we have started in the EV market. If you would like to help shape the EV future, send us a DM with your details (or email . Thanks 😄

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Your Membership allows you to see Australia, saving you on and off the road:

Defective Takata airbags to be replaced by 2020

Today the Australian Government issued a Proposed Recall Notice for a compulsory recall of all vehicles with defective Takata airbags installed:

The best outback and wild spots in Australia

These beautiful spots will make you appreciate the natural beauty of Australia. Where are your favourite spots to visit?

Future of car ownership - part 5

We've told you about the benefits and challenges of driverless vehicles - but what will it take to make them a reality?

Top 10 most misunderstood road rules - Merging

TEST ANSWER: The correct answer is C. Vehicle A must give way to vehicle B and Vehicle C must give way to Vehicle A. When lines of traffic merge where there are no lane lines to be crossed, a driver must give way to any vehicle ahead of them. This is often called a zipper merge:

How to check your car fluids

When was the last time you checked the fluid levels in your car?

For a limited time get a free pink slip on us and $100 off your next log book service:

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TEST TIME: You are driving vehicle A on a multi-lane road. The road changes from multi-lane to single lane and you need to merge with other traffic. There are no lane markings.

a) Both vehicle B and C have to give way to you
b) You have to give way to both vehicle B and C because they are on your right
c) You should give way to vehicle B because it is travelling ahead of you and vehicle C should give way to you because you are travelling ahead of it.

We will publish the correct answer in a separate post later today. Thanks.

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Our Can’t talk. Driving Report highlights the many in car distractions and our recommendations to stop motorists from using mobile phones illegally:

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Average unleaded prices are expected to fall to at least 117 cpl in the next 7-10 days.

Download the to find the cheapest fuel.

Mobile phone driver distraction a road safety threat

Distraction of drivers by mobile devices is becoming a major road safety issue – and particularly with young drivers, according to a new NRMA report:

NSW Highway Patrol - The dangers of distracted driving

The NRMA's “Can’t Talk. Driving” report reveals that one in five motorist have a near miss because of mobile phones: we speak with the NSW Police Force about the dangers of distracted driving:

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Ever locked your keys in the car? It happens more often than you think:

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Drive through verdant rice paddy fields, cruise through the emerald waters of Halong Bay, tour the ruins of UNESCO World Heritage listed My Son Holy Land, and much more:

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What one piece of advice would you offer a learner driver?

Best Australian romantic holiday destinations

How do our favourites compare to yours? ❤️

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If you had 100k to spend on a vehicle, which would you buy?
A. Audi RS3
B. Toyota Landcruiser
C. Mercedes AMG CLA45

How to teach your child to drive

What a nightmare. To help ease you through the experience of teaching your child to drive safely, here’s six things to consider:

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Camping, cabin, RV or deluxe villa, what’s your accommodation style?

Macular diseases awareness and older drivers

1 in 7 Australians, mostly aged over 50, show some evidence of Macular disease:


No need to worry if you are an NRMA Member 😉 |

Our Member Roadshows are a chance to find out about your Membership and have a say on the issues that matter to you. RSVP here:

Who can use 'parents with prams' parking spaces?

It’s that spot that’s often empty at the entrance of the local shopping centre, but can you park there?

Do you remember your first roadtrip? Here’s one of our favourites:

Top 10 most misunderstood road rules - Merging

ANSWER: The correct answer is A. If the lane the driver is travelling in comes to an end, and the driver has to cross a lane line to merge, the driver must give way to traffic already in the lane they are moving to:

Your tyres are the only grip your car has on the road, so it's important to know when they should be replaced:

Tomorrow sees the launch of NRMA’s Future of Transport Challenge, where high school students pitch their ideas around the future of mobility:

TEST TIME: When two lanes merge into one (as shown in the diagram), who should give way?

A. The vehicle which has to cross the lane line.
B. The faster vehicle.
C. The vehicle in the right-hand lane because it is overtaking.

Your local roadshow is a chance to have your say on issues that matter in the community:

Have you noticed unleaded fuel prices starting to fall? Use the to find the cheapest price.


Which Sunrise presenter needs Find out here!

Yay! I’m going to the snow! How do I prepare my car?

Buying the safest used car doesn't have to break the bank:

NSW residents are voting in council elections today. We have been advised today that some voters in NSW may have received a robotext this morning that the NRMAA is endorsing candidates in today's local council elections. This is not to be confused with the NRMA. We are an independent organisation and do not endorse political candidates.

How to clear foggy windows with AC

When trying to 'de-fog' the car windows and windscreen, do you use the heater or air conditioning? 🚘

The NRMA's annual report highlights how we've kept our Members moving, and why we’re a leading national voice supporting the mobility revolution in Australia:

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Fridays... at Merimbula Beach: 😍